jama masjid beside the KR Market flyover

Jama Masjid beside the KR Market flyover

If I bring any outsider to K R Market, he will curse himself at first glance. Its a lovely, old and the first market of Bangalore. People won’t mind even if you fall on the road here. A “super fast” moving market which sells flowers, meats and many more. The question is “when does this market open ?” – Actually it never closes.

I will not say this is a great place for photography but if you want to find life, just go for it. Have extra coverage for your camera too :). This photo was taken at 4.00 AM early morning. You many find it lonely but in the upcoming post, you can see the crowd at opposite side of it. Taken without Flash to get the old-night feeling, low shutter speed, tripod and high ISO to get grains and light too.