Well, this is not about Bangalore, this is from Dandeli which is about 480 Kms from Bangalore. But this situation is not only common for Bangalore but for all the places. This situation know no place, no boundary. Hence this post on Bangalore at a Glance.

There was this place where a lot, I mean a lot of tree trunks were kept. Each of these tree tunks had a labelling done. These were not trees any more. Becuase of our growing demand of wood, trees are being cut at a ferociously high rate leading to deforestation, leading to loss of natural habitat of all other living creatures except human beings. Can something be done to stop this?? I do not know. But that  reminds me of chipkandolan.

I do not know what lies in the future but I am sure deforestation at this rate will eventually lead to disaster, a disaster which will leave no sign and no proof of life on earth.

I had no name when I was Alive!

I had no name when I was alive, now I am called LOTNO.619