The way through the Resort

The path through the Resort

On the banks of Kaveri river is a place good for Team outings – Jaladhama Resort in Talakadu. Ferried by motorboat  you can reach the resort. You will find yourself  land into the silent and serene environment with lots of greenery around. The place has the activities like basketball, swimming, cricket, table tennis, swimming, boating etc.  But the playing area is not sufficient. If you want to have an opportunity to use the facilities, you should reach early with your team else other teams would have already occupied. You can enjoy the nice Buffet Lunch especially for non vegetarians.

The place is good only for team outings and for one day visit else you will get bored. In the evening you might get to see few birds like kingfisher, flamingo and ducks.   If you enjoy DJ they also have a one hour DJ in the discotheque in the resort. But it feels little odd to have a DJ at such a silent, countryside place. The loud music played for DJ just disturbs the peaceful silence of the place.  Shouldn’t we leave some places as it is without disturbing their beauty?

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