Are you new to Bangalore? Recently shifted to Bangalore and don’t know anyone ? Don’t worry. This is Bangalore – A city which welcomes everyone, ready for friendship.

If you are little internet-savvy, there is a good chance of mingling fast with the city.  If you are there on Twitter, which is the fastest growing micro-blogging/social networking website, you get to meet lots of people.

TweatUp at Cool Joint, Jayanagar 4th Block

TweatUp at Cool Joint, Jayanagar 4th Block

A bunch of twitters gather and meet up. Thats what is called Tweetup (Twitters + Meet Up).  So you get to meet people whom you interacted with online. Its just an informal meeting where people just meet up, eat, chat and networks.

Though now the twitter group of Bangalore has been so much familiar with each other that its more about eating.  So now its more of Tweatup (Twitters + eat + Meetup) rather than Tweetup. Decide a nice eatup joint – might be Cool Joint at Jayanagar 4th Block or the Food Street or Kalmane Coffee, tweet about it on the twitter or ask the official Bangalore tweetups id (@bangaloretweet) to tweet about it. Or you can also use the application Twitvite where people can RSVP.

TweetUp with Shashi Tharoor

TweetUp with Shashi Tharoor - Photo Courtesy (

Bangalore is one of the most active city on Twitter with lots of Tweetups happening.There has been also many Tweetups with the celebrity Twitters. Bangalore has had many of them like Tweetups with ShashiTharoor, Guy Kawasaki, Tushar Gandhi, Lalit Modi, co founder Alexis Ohanian and many more.

Sometimes apart from eating there are Paintball Tweetups, Bowling Tweetups. So it can be any kind of Tweetup till the agenda is to meet up have fun, interact and increase your network.

And no wonder you would meet twitters from all fields – be it a techie, non -techie, geek, shutter bugs, budding entrepreneurs just anyone.

After all, its all about The Social Network!!!!