Annoyed visiting chaotic weekend spots? Want some peace of mind to rejuvenate yourself? Want to make a quick trip to a historical place around Bengaluru within half a day? Then wait no further; visit this beautiful temple place called as Nandhigrama which is situated at the foothills of Nandhi Hill. You can find the map here: Route to Nandhigrama

Carvings on the wall of the mail temple

Nandhigrama, a small village, located at about 50kms from Bengaluru has a beautiful temple called Bhoganandiswara Temple. This is a 9th century temple! It was built by Chola Dynasty. The temple has Vijayanagar style of architecture. It is also believed to be one of the famous temples built outside of Vijayanagar by Vijayanagar empire. So expect to see beautiful monuments, sculptures and historical architecture inside the temple.

A post in front of the temple

As you enter the gate, the temple has a huge empty space in the front (which will be a garden soon as per the villagers).There are few ruins around the temple; however the main temple seems to be maintained pretty well. The walls have typical Vijayangar style carvings, and pillars around the temple.

The temple has a large square pond called Shringi Theertha (which is the main attraction), in the north of the enclosure. It is sorrounded by varandha which has three entrances on the north, east and south. Over the varandhas are fine stucco figures in niches. I loved this place the most during my visit. I am sure spending time at Shringi Theertha early in the morning, with the birds chirping and watching the fog clear over the Nandhi Hills would be an amazing feeling. If there is water in the pond you would get some pics with reflections of the varandha.

Shringi Theertha, a beautiful pond

As you enter Shringi Theertha

Nandi Hills as seen from Bhoganandiswara temple

This temple seems to have a very less visitors or tourists. Early morning would be an ideal time to visit this place. Hope you drive down to this place some day, specifically a winter morning, and experience a splendid morning.