Our last month visit to Ragihalli was not enough to capture the birds of the village. So we were again inspired to make a trip to the place but this time in the evening.

Green Bee Eater

Green Bee Eater

The road which leads to the village has forest on both the sides. Just walk through the roads and keep a watch on the left and the right side of the road and on the wires, you could spot lots of birds.

The place seems to be the home of the “Green Bee Eaters”. Just after we enter the road towards Ragihalli is a huge empty land where we could spot a couple of Green Bee Eaters.




Red-whiskered Bulbul

Red-whiskered Bulbul

And following the rule that the birds generally be at the same place, the Oriental White Eye was at the same place where we had found during our last visit. It was sitting on the same tree and so was easy to spot it again.

We could also spot few birds which had not captured during our last visit – the Great Coucals and the Red Whiskered Bulbul.

Nice place to visit again and again. Still lots of birds are there which we have not been able to spot here.

The best time is to visit little early in the evening before the sunset and early morning after the sunrise.

While Sun goes down to sleep...

And while you are busy spotting the birds, do remember that you are also being spotted!