We have posted about Lalbagh in the past, here’s yet another post on Lalbagh Garden, and I am sure we’ll be posting more on Lalbagh Garden. Such majestic is Lalbagh. Every time you’ll get to see a different Lalbagh.

It’s an excellent place for bird watchers and for bird photography.

Parrot having breakfast

There were a lot of parrots out there, early in the morning arranging breakfast for themselves. There was a parrot nest as well.

Parrot Nest

They nest in tree holes or cracks like this. There was a small kido inside their nest.

Cormorant Relaxing




There was a group of Cormorant relaxing high up on the tree.

Then there was a White-throated Kingfisher sitting on one of the trees.

White-throated Kingfisher



Now some birds from the lake. There is a big lake in Lalbagh. There was a group of ducks relaxing on the lake side.





Pelicans! Yes there were these beautiful pelicans. These migratory birds come here during winter.

Pelican taking bath

























Squirrels, there were a lot of squirrels. They are so active that its hard to get a decent look at them.







Common Myna, not so common to sight within the city but can be seen quiet easily on the outskirts. They usually feed on insects and fruits.

Common Myna

On one of the side of the lake I saw Indian Pond Heron. They can be missed to be seen when they sitting but very distinctive when they fly with their bright white wings against their brownish body color.

Indian Pond Heron






I had never seen a pelican earlier. So I can very safely say that I had never seen a pelican earlier sitting on a tree. Guess they were relaxing after a good breakfast.


Till I visited Lalbagh I was under the impression that Koels are black. I was right in a way, but didn’t knew that Female Koels are not black. Here’s a Female Keol.

Female Koel









There was a Shikra sitting happily on a tree. Shikra is a small bird of prey and is beautiful to watch when in flight and capturing its prey.


And soon this Shikra was joined by a daring squirrel.

Daring Squirrel with Shikra









Keep tuned in to know other facets of Lalbagh and Bangalore.