Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills is located in the city of Mysore, its average elevation is 1,000 mts. This hill is named after Goddess Chamundeswari and there is a temple named Chamundeswari temple in honor of the goddess.

There is a long stairway leading to the top of the hill. There are 1,511 steps in all, and climbing the first 400 or so steps takes some effort.

There is a Mahishasura Statue, Chamundeswari Temple, and a few other temples nearby.

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Story: According to legend, the demon Mahishasura, king of the area that is currently Mysore, was killed by the Goddess Chamundeswari (also Chamundi) after a fierce battle. The hills are named for the goddess, and a temple honors her in the hills. The temple has a beautiful idol of the goddess wearing a garland of skulls. The temple has always been patronised by the rulers of Mysore. In earlier days, the Maharajas of Mysore would ride the ceremonial Dasara elephant during the annual Dasara festival; since India gained independence, the idol of Goddess Chamundi is taken on an elephant.