On a Sunday of January 9, 2011 at 12:30 PM bloggers from all over India met at ISKCON for indiblogger’s meet with AkshayaPatra. Though the stipulated time was 12.30 PM the 2 indibuses having few of our bloggers from different places in Bangalore, reached the venue more than an hour late; thanks to the Bangalore traffic.  Indiblogger meet is a forum for all the bloggers around India to come up and meet the fellow bloggers and interact with them.  It a forum where the bloggers who write about different categories of articles and posts get together to have a meaningful (not always 😉 ) discussions.  You will get to meet people who write about technologies, trends, gadgets, philosophy, philanthropy, personal life experiences, music, movie reviews and few people who write total junk too. 😛 It was quite interesting to hear that few of the people from the software or other well paid industries quit their jobs and started blogging full time. I wonder how they earn! Still, if you are passionate about blogging it will drive you crazy just like, what I am doing right now at 11.15 PM keeping aside all the nagging customer issues I am facing at the office.

Indiblogger meet at ISKCON's MVT hall

An Indiblogger organizer assists bloggers


This time around, the bloggers met AskhayaPatra which is an awe inspiring philanthropic project from ISKCON, through which nearly 300,000 kids are fed every day through mid day meals in different states of the country. Through the power of blogging, when a fellow blogger wrote about AkshayaPatra for the first time, it created waves and a lot of people who came to know about it for the first time visited their website and contributed directly or indirectly to this project. The chairman of this project, Shri Madhu Pandit Dasa, spoke about how it all started (an idea of feeding 1500 kids) and how it became humungous project for a noble cause. One thing which I felt was such a valid point in what he said, was that there should be equality amongst human beings in at least one thing, which is food. No child should be deprived of food. I bow to the people who contribute to this project and more importantly to the people who started it and continuing it with the same zeal.  It was a sad thing to hear from the committee that most of the Indian population doesn’t even know about this project; even shocking was to hear the commercial hub of India Mumbai isn’t aware of AkshayaPatra. We believe now, that through blogging it will reach out to larger audience.

Bloggers listening to the Chariman of AkshayaPatra at MVT hall, ISKCON

The bloggers were provided with mid day meals from AkshayaPatra. The meet continued later on with few more events like interactions between the bloggers, sharing the contacts and writing few words by scratching each others’ back 😉 (see the pictures) There were 60 famous bloggers who were allowed to introduce themselves. Before ending the bloggers’ meet there were 4 topics discussed in groups. A group in which I participated, discussed about “How technology trends, electronic gadgets or new softwares have influenced blogging” and the other way too. It was an interesting discussion where different bloggers shared their personal views about the topic. Someone wrote a 9 page blog on a mobile gadget it seems! Different useful softwares and plugins for blogging were discussed. All in all, few important pointers were shared. Indibloggers’ meet will always end with the distribution of free T-shirts. Nice tactics to hold back few people from leaving the hall before the meet completes.  🙂

"Pleasure scratching your back sir"

This is called as "Chained scratching" 😉


Stick No Bills!!

Free lunch and a T-shirt is also some inspiration for attending the meet.;-) It is a wonderful forum to participate, share/gain a lot of thoughts/knowledge, know different genre of people and come back home and drive your blogging with even more enthusiasm. When you are around next time, and if you are a blogger make a point that you attend it and have loads of fun.

Ever enthusiastic Indiblogger Organizing Team

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