Ragihalli, the place from where we started bird photography and visited Ragihalli again on 31st December 2010. That was our last visit to Ragihalli and last bird photography for year 2010.

It was a beautiful misty morning.

Sunrise on a Misty Morning by Vaibhav
Sunrise on a Misty Morning!

We stopped in between and went into a field. It was completely covered with dew. It was all around the place.

Morning Dew by Sushil
Morning Dew!


Sun was slowly coming out, clearing the mist.

Grassland by Sushil


Grassland by Vaihav

Some thorny bushes.

Thorny Bush by Vaibhav

Thorny Bush

Thorny Bush by Sushil
Thorny Bush
Signature Spiders.

Signature Spider by Vaibhav

Signature Spider

Signature Spider by Sushil

Signature Spider

Spider web and Fly

Fly by Sushil


Spider Web by Sushil
Spider Web
Indian Robin Female and Male respectively

Indian Robin - Female by Sushil

Indian Robin - Female

Indian Robin - Male by Sushil
Indian Robin – Male
Red-Vented Bulbul by Sushil
Red-Vented Bulbul
Red-Whiskered Bulbul by Sushil
Red-Whiskered Bulbul
Brown Shrike
Brown Shrike by Sushil
Brown Shrike

A love story captured at Ragihalli (White Throated Munia)!

Yellow-eyed Babbler

Yellow-eyed Babbler Sushil
Yellow-eyed Babbler

Purple-rumped Sunbird

Purple-rumped Sunbird by Sushil
Purple-rumped Sunbird

Weaver Bird Nest

Weaver Bird Nest by Sushil
Weaver Bird Nest

Some Vegetation

Grass by Sushil


Plant by Sushil








Pied Bushchat – Male

Pied Bushchat by Sushil

Pied Bushchat

Butterfly                                                                                                                         Kingfisher

Lemon Pansy by Vaibhv

Lemon Pansy

White Throated Kingfisher by Vaibhav

White Throated Kingfisher










Green Bee Eater                                                                                                           Spotted Dove

Green Bee Eater by Vaibhav

Green Bee Eater

Spotted Dove by Vaibhav

Spotted Dove









And at the end a lonely slipper

Lonely Slipper by Sushil

Lonely Slipper