I was left with this, so blogging it again :).

Situated at around 125 KM from Bengaluru and 3 KM from historical Sri Ranganapattan, Ranganathittu is a small bird sanctuary along the river of Kaveri (since 1940). The islets formed out of the Kaveri river (after the KRS dam was built) form an important nesting grounds for birds. The sanctuary attracts lot of migrants throughout the year. Though the best time to visit the place is said to be from March to May, I would say throughout the year you will be able to spot lot of birds (except some migrants which are seasonal). Early morning would be the best time to visit, because either you will find only nature lovers along with you or you will be the lonely visitor in the early morning. Otherwise, rest of the day you would find the place chaotic(most of the times), with people screaming and shouting or playing in the lawns.

Few of us from bangalorecapture.com, with other friends, decided to drive down to this place on  Friday late evening. The bikes were ready with all the bikers geared up for a chilling drive on a winter evening, at 11 pm. In spite of having  layers of clothings to cover ourselves from cold breeze, we still had a bit of difficulty while driving. We drove down to Coffee day (1okms before Maddur) and decided to pass the time till 4.30 AM in the morning. One good thing about 24*7 coffee services from coffee days on Mysuru road is that you can get a very good break and spend some relaxing time.  Few of us took a nap before we headed to Ranganathittu to reach the sanctuary by 6 AM.

It was a foggy and misty morning; as we took a diversion off Mysuru road, there was hardly any visibility. It looked as if the fields around the sanctuary were submerged in the mist. The early morning chirps of birds had just begun. We were eagerly waiting to enter the sanctuary. The gate was opened by a guard at 6 am in the morning.  We were quite happy to be the first visitors. We did photoshoot for few hours. We also hired the boat for half an hour to get closer to the habitats of the migrant and resident birds at the sanctuary. There were a quite a few sightings of several beautiful birds; the best ones were the Paradise Fly Catcher and the Indian Grey hornbills. Early morning visit to the place really helped us come back with satisfaction of great sightings and wonderful captures of beautiful bird life at Ranganathittu. It took us 2 1/2 hours to get back to Namma Bengaluru.

Driving on bike would be a good experience.  However, there are also plenty of public buses plying between Bangalore-Mysore from economical to Volvo fares. Hope the readers find this inspiring enough to visit such places early in the morning; and hope such posts inspire people to enhance their love for nature.

Bird Life at Ranganathittu: Common Kingfishers, Pied king fisher, White Ibis, Openbilled and Painted Storks, Wagtails, Magpie Robin, Red Whiskered bulbul, Pelican, Paradise Fly Catchers, Grey hornbills, Night heron and Pond herons, Little Cormorant, Indian Peacocks.. (the list goes on)

A beautiful misty morning at Ranganathittu

The Pelican in flight

Eurasian Spoonbil in flight

Indian Grey Hornbill

White Naped Woodpecker (Pic: Vaibhav)

A pond heron silently walks through the field

Little cormorant on flight

Stone Plover