Expression is a truth. No one can live with one expression, it change over time. More than bird photography, I appreciate my 300mm lens for capturing expression because with a zoom lens you can capture it without disturbing the mood of it. I would love if someone of them(whose expression were captured, sometime come here and claim.. hey that’s my photo).

– A person in deep thinking. It was morning time and Sunlight was penetrating his thought process.

I don't understand

Thinking is good

– Two girls playing. I love the smile of small age. It is pure and not biased of reasons.

Face of India

Unbiased Love is good

– A father and a daughter (don’t ask how I know). A caring relation is always protective.

Protective relation

Relation is good

– Adjustment of a family. We never find problem in adjusting with our own family. Adjust with everyone expect lie.


Adjustment is good