One of the very pleasant destinations for nature/bird trails is the Shivanahalli Ramakrishna Ashram, which is about 25 km from Shoppers’ Stop on Bannerghatta Road. The Swamiji of the Ashram is a most unusual sanyasi; he is computer-savvy; he has greened large tracts of both Ashram land and the forest surrounding it; he has organized profitable plantations of coffee, cocoa, areca nut, coconut, chiku, mango, and other plants; he encourages the students of the school that the Ashram runs (they are children from nearby villages) to go out with birding/nature volunteers, and do their classroom studies later…and the Ashram is invariably hospitable to visitors, who are offered tea or coffee or whatever meal is ready at the time.

Last Sunday, several of us had gone there on a nature trail, and here is the Swamiji, explaining to the gathering, his plans for long treks from the Ashram in the near future:

3rd snd outing 200211

I’d taken two Swedish friends along, and they enjoyed interacting with the schoolchildren:

clrful crd svnhli 200211

Swamiji is happy to accept donations for the children in cash or kind, so if you have any Nature-related material or educational stuff, do drive over to the Ashram, and enjoy a lovely visit, too!