Again the morning started in the hand of nature. Last time I felt down with my bike while spotting bird at Ragihalli. So, I was in dilemma to take bike or not as lot of parts were lose. Finally decided to have the charm of bike riding in morning. The charm of Hebbal Lake is always Sunbird and Flowerpecker, the smallest of all. A near place for all the Bangalore chaps.

Purple Rumbed Sunbird - Flight to find

Female of the same

Finding Pelicans back at Hebbal Lake was a treat for us. And not 1, not 2, not 3, it was more than 50 Pelicans.

Spotted Billed Pelican

Two white colored bird attracted me. From near I found, two Red whiskered bulbul were sitting and singing :). They were just wonderful with voice. And yes, a great tit running somewhere.

Red whiskered bulbuls

Great tit

A day of Ashy Prinia. Loved to see that how they put the tail up and call.

Ashy Prinia with spreaded tail

Marsh Harrier - finding prey

Brahminy Kite

Common Myna

Black Kite with rat(s)

Grey Heron

Purple Moorhen

Little Egret

Yellow billed Babbler

Rose Ringed Parakeet - Male

Booted Warbler

Purple Heron

Loten's Sunbird

Pond Herons