It is just stunning place – Valley School. Almost an infinity spread. Till your legs will not reply you, you can move ahead and enjoy the nature with birds and this time animals too.

Morning when we entered into this place, the big banyan tree is all naturally decorated by coppersmith and white cheeked barbet.

White cheeked Barbet

coppersmith barbet

Moving forward, o man, it was Hornbill, Indian Grey Hornbill at Valley School. Just looking majestic, but the pair decided to flew away soon.

Indian Grey Hornbill

Flowers came out on the tree and that’s the place where Sunbird, Bulbul and Starlings enjoy.

Red Whiskered Bulbul

Grey headed Starling

Grey headed Starling

Moving forward to Forest side, we met Brown Shrike and Prinia’s.

Brown Shrike

Ashy Prinia

And time for some flycatchers. Yo hooo !! White browed Fantail Flycatcher and Verditer Flycatcher.

White browed Fantail Flycatcher

Verditer Flycatcher

Moving further, we got Rufous-tailed Lark and Changeable Hawk Eagle.

Rufous-tailed Lark

Changeable Hawk Eagle at Valley School

Changeable Hawk Eagle

Plain prinia

Very soon, we saw a Black naped Hare stuck in the center of grassland.

Black naped Hare

After sometime, we got some tree area where we saw White bellied drongo, purple sunbird, lotens sunbird and minivet doing some acrobatics on tree.

Small Minivet

Purple Rumbed Sunbird

White bellied Drongo

Lotens Sunbird

Indian Robin(Male) doing a high call on the top of tree was also worth to watch.

Indian Robin, Male

Female Robin was walking in the grassland area and finding something to eat, whereas Rose ringed Parakeet got some flowers to eat.

Rose Ringed Parakeet

Indian Robin, Female

And many more …