Some snaps from Lalbagh..

Bar headed Goose and Little Egret

I guess so, this is called Bar headed Goose only.

Spotted Owlet

We find him in such a way, that he got angry.. I never wanted to make a bird angry.

Bangalore is getting hotter - Black kites queued up for water

I never seen many kites sitting at same place, most of the time they keep on flying or sit alone. But here they queued up for water. Off-course a prey will make the water more tasty :).

White throated Kingfisher

Black kite again - normal pose

Finding a small bird like Common Tailorbird is always nice :).

Common Tailorbird

Little cormorant in its typical wing open style.

Little Cormorants

Little Cormorants

And then fight for ashy/black drongo. Initially I thought its black one, but it came out ashy in viewing from camera.

Ashy Drongo

Ashy Drongo

A beautiful summer flower, I don’t know the name.

Summer flower

And then jungle myna – deadly eyes :).

Jungle Myna

Jungle Myna

Its still indeed one of my best places for bird watching. Though we have seen a reduction in bird as the time for winter birds to move away.