Yesterday, thanks to Vittal I went to visit the Nimishamba temple in the village of Ganjam, 2 km from Srirangapatna. It was a lovely visit, to a temple peacefully set on the banks of the Kaveri. As photography inside the main temple is banned, I could click only these deities in the outer “prAkAram”…but look at the beautiful way they have been adorned! Here’s Ganesha: vinayaka nmshmba tmpl 290311 and here’s Anjaneya or Hanuman: anjnya nmshmba tmpl 290311 More photographs, and a short account, are here Here is the gopura of the temple, smiling in the sunshine: nmshmba tmpl gprm 290311 The visit,and the trip to Ranganathittu, were wonderful and could not be blighted by the loss of my mobile phone early in the morning!