Whole world was looking at India and India done it. We should find ourself lucky that this happened during our life span. So its not a big deal to sacrifice the sleep for a night and celebrate to the fullest.

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Celebration in Bangalore, what could be the better place than MG road. seeing the liveliness, it was difficult to believe, really it was 2:00am, or its just 8:30 in the evening.

Full traffic jam all around, starting from Anil Kumble circle till where the view goes. Mass of people on road with all patriotic slogan, hugging each other, dancing and what not.

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Sky balloon with light is flying high. There were multicolored crackers as well, coloring the sky.

Tricolors of different sizes on many hands. Becoming a part of that, need to believe, Cricket is a good means to unite us as a singe religion and is called ‘Indian’.

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Indianism in every mind

Bharath mata ki, jai.....

Cricket fans, even on the roof of auto rickshaw.