I saw

here’s the announcement

It says:

“Every Bus Day is different.

This Bus Day, on the 8th April, 2011 is SPECIAL because the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka along with his cabinet colleagues, Government Officers & Officials, Film Stars and Cricketers will travel by Bus!!!

As ministers, officers and other celebrities take the bus, leading by example, they need to be encouraged in their effort to support daily commute by public transport. How can you participate?

It is requested of you, as citizens of Bengaluru, to spare your precious time by accompanying BMTC officers at important nodal points in Bengaluru to assist the above mentioned commuters to travel by Bus between 8.30 AM – 11 AM and/or 5 PM – 8.30 PM. Refreshments will be provided. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the survey form below:


Various spots in Bengaluru.”

So I’ve registered myself….let’s see what I am asked to do, and what happens! It’s going to be interesting, and I am rather tickled by the concept that eminent people cannot take the bus without assistance!