Bengaluru has been photographers’s paradise providing versatile shooting opportunities within and around the city. There are plenty of places for photographing birds, beautiful landscapes, the gardens, the lakes and the action-filled streets. The street photography is always intriguing; every time you walk the same street you will get to see a different action and different elements in it. One such street, called as Pottery Town, is a good place for creative photography. I walked this street a couple of times, which is just a KM away from the Cantonment Railway Station, Bangalore. I got opportunities to click the live action of the pottery. The pot making is such a fascinating thing. Not sure if there is anyone in pottery town who teaches this art but surely there will be some place in Bengaluru for this. You can actually get into the house and shops of potters and photograph while they make pots; click the pottery items in their shops. During the Ganesha festival and Diwali this street will be busy with buyers and there will be a lot of work happening giving you an excellent opportunity to photograph. Surely the visit to this place for photography would be satisfying and when you head back home, you would be already planning for your next visit to this place.

Few photographs taken during my visit:

A pottery work hangs from the roof

A potter sips a cup of tea watching the crazy photographers outside

A fly on the pots that are kept for drying

Art and the Textures

A potter gets busy early in the morning

Another shot clicked inside a house of a potter