This is my first street photo walk, it was a good experience for me, taking a picture of a stranger is lil difficult, mainly playing with light was difficult for me, I took 3-4 shots to get 1 clear image.

Commercial Street,

It is one of the oldest shopping area in Bangalore, Wherein you can find all different type of accessories, clothes, sandals, antique shops, jewel shop, handi craft shops etc….

Commercial street fully crowded on weekends !!!!

Color color designer bangles !!!

Beautifully stones in bangles!!!









Metal neck hangings with gorgeous LOCKETS !!!

Man busy selling the cute dolls !!!!









Traditional kurtas exclusively for men !!!!

Show case bike !!!









I tried taking pic of the cute lil gal walking with her mom, but i couldn’t get the correct pose, tried clicking many shots it was of no use, she crossed my ay turned back & i saw her i thought i was lost without taking the pic, but suddenly there was a Nike showroom with glass, took some reflection shot finally it came out like this & it became my fav…

Reflection image!!! My fav amongst all the pics !!!!

Beautiful handicrafts from Kashmir !!!

Kashmir handicrafts !!!









Ancient type hanging Lantern !!

Salwar kameez for women !!!













Tajmahal with Bangle stand !!!!