What was supposed to be a dull day, rather turned out to be something memorable.

Being a newbie to Bird photography, Hesaraghatta (HGTA) lake was on my must visit list around Bangalore, and i had been planning to visit the place for a couple of weeks. When the day finally arrived,  as per plan, I had started in the early hours at around 5:30 AM from Ganganagar,  and drove 35 KM’s to Hesaraghatta  lake.

At 5:30 in the morning it was difficult to predict the light and I took a chance driving to HGTA lake, this was also my first time to that place, and I was very excited…

Once I reached HGTA lake, i was very disappointed that the light was bad, it seemed like it had rained the previous night, and the place was rather cloudy, having signs of another imminent downpour in another couple of hours.

So with a heavy heart I took out my lens and trundled around the place trying to catch some birds, and to my dismay i had not been able to take a good photo of any bird, and my novice instinct wasn’t helping either, and I ended up photographing Dogs, that too only because I wasn’t chasing them, they were chasing me.

I tried walking around the lake catching some pond herons, and a rather distant Kingfisher, and things weren’t looking good and I had almost decided on leaving the place, that’s when I met another Bird photographer, who suggested, that we get down to the lake.

We reached the lake, and the place had a different feel, you could see a wide variety of Bird life here, Purple Sunbirds, Ashy Prinia, Pelican’s , and for me this was rather exciting.

With the excitement picking up, we moved closer to the lake and, we spotted a Brahminy cutting away at it’s prey, and having a peaceful meal.

Brahminy with the kill

As we tried to get closer, to get a better photo, it sensed our unwelcome presence, decided to move away from us, only to suffer the umbrage of another intruder, who had hope against hopes of getting a slice of the Kill.

Go Away

Obviously the intruder had no mood to part away from the kill, and the Brahminy’s frustration  was quite visible 🙂

But the Brahminy would have to fight to save it’s kill, there was another visitor scavenging for a kill….

Black kite on the hunt

Sighting the kill, the Black Kite took an ominous rendezvous of the Brahminy with the kill.


At the apt moment, the Black kite attacks the Brahminy in the hopes that the Brahminy would just let it’s kill go….but obviously the Brahminy was up to the fight to protect it’s kill..

Black Kite attacks Brahminy

By instinct to protect it’s prey, the Brahminy decides to fight the Black kite.

Brahminy fights back!!

The Brahminy grabs the Black Kite by the wings and tries to steer it away from it’s prey, while the Black kite stretches out to grab the kill….while the unwelcome intruder feverishly looks on 🙂

The whole incident lasted for may be 2 or 3 sec’s, but what surprised me was, both the birds left the kill, and parted their ways, i went and checked, and the prey was still lying there..

After some time, i got another photo of a Brahminy with another kill, I am guessing this is the same bird with another kill….

I couldn’t find out what happened to the black kite, after the fight, there were a couple of other Black kites around, but nothing interesting was happening among them, and for me nothing could be more interesting than what just had happened!!!
This was a brief write up of one of my exciting experiences during my initial bird photography days, I hope you have enjoyed reading it.
Thank you 🙂
Feedback most welcome 🙂