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 Got few details from this link http://bangalore.citizenmatters.in/articles/view/211-heritage-present-is-commerce-krmarket- written by Deepa Mohan !!

 Flower Sellers inside K R Market.The central courtyard was a bustle with vendors and customers, striking their bargains.

The “Paytay, Kotay, Kerey, Thota” of the walk !!!

The “Paytay”, roughly translated, means “commercial centre”. The Krishna Rajendra Market area definitely continues to be one, from the time, approximately one hundred and fifty years ago, when it was designated as a commercial area. It remains, even today, a bustling hive of trade.

Apart from other businesses, K.R. Market, part of the old city area, is an important centre for those who buy flowers on a wholesale basis. Roses, ‘kakda’, ‘mallige’, ‘kanakambaras’, ‘sevanthige’, asters, ‘chendu hoo’ and ‘rudrakshi chendu hoo’ are bought from wholesale flower market (‘hoovina mandi’) and other places like Hosur, Timmapura, Salem and Tiruvannamalai of Tamilnadu, Nelamangala, Doddaballapura, Anekal, Chikkaballapura, Hebbal and Kumblahalli of Hoskote District.

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 We are here to buy & sell !!!

Pay me !!

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 These ladies are the playing most imp role, after this job they have 1 more job serving their families.

Busy sellers !!!

If the business goes well then you can see the smiling faces….

Happy faces !!!

Fine say bye to flower market its time for me to take to the other part of K.R. Market – Vegetable market….Many small traders stay around the wholesale market. The farm vegetables and fruits are shipped in by middlemen/wholesalers. They control the market and the prices. The farmers get very little, especially, when they grow a surplus. The retailers pick up their needs everyday starting 4 a.m., and carry their stuff to the various neighborhoods. Many small vendors work on a day to day basis borrowing money from loan sharks at rates of interest around 10% per day!

Man with proteins !!!!

Lighten it up !!!

 He was very busy in sewing the sacks & packing up the vegetables, he made his free time & posed for my camera….

Maamoo !!

These guys dont have retirement plan, pension plan etc… they have only one plan that is ” BE HAPPY WITH WHAT WE HAVE FOR TODAY “….

I dont have retirement !!!

Even i dont have retirement plan !!

Ah man, this old guy was very active in his activities, in which smoking is also a active activity which he does regularly…

Smo..KEY !!!

Fun time to relieve their stress..

Fun tym !!!

They took their tym to pose to our cams with a smiling face..

Posing tym !!!

Here comes our capsicum Raja….

Indha Capsicum Endhu !!!

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