Many of us appreciate Domino’s for providing a great service but it is just that you have not seen this. Most of us, wait at home and it comes sometime. You may like that the guy will say you “Sorry for late delivery sir”…


dominos-pizza - Are they serve ?

Yesterday, I was celebrating birthday of one of my dear one. My address was little complex and I told them to deliver me at Bus stop of Mallige Hospital, a very famous hospital in Bangalore. I waited for 45 mins on that Bus stop, beliving that someone who promise to deliver it in 30 minutes will take little more time since it may be far. They keep on telling me that the guy will reach in 10 mins, in 10 mins. After 1 hr 30 min, I abused them.. Sorry I do ! They told the person felt down on road and we will send it again. Till the time, all the guest, around 15, left for home and I was alone to eat the pizza, so I told them “thanks for an embarrassing day, glad to know your service”.

What I end with is 15 phone calls, a 1.5 hrs time waste and lots of angry.