Garden city kick started annual Independence Day flower show on 5th of August. Main attractions of the show are the replica of the Lotus Temple of New Delhi and the wheel of Konark Temple, Orissa. The show will end on August 15th.

Florist giving final touches to the Lotus temple replica

Beautiful Lotus temple replica made of 2,00,000 carnations, 75,000 roses, tuberoses and over 10,000 ornamental leaves

Glass house is filled with lots of beautiful flowers like Roses, Cosmos, Impatiens basin, group of annuals, Candytuft, Statice, Torenia, Dahlias and many others.

Pink Dahlia with a caterpillar



Yellow and Pink roses

Flowers were arranged in artistic way in the form of Butterfly, Wheels etc. Indian flag made using 4kgand 500 grands of rice grabs your attention.

Yellow Butterfly

Bee taking the charm of nature

Dwarf Powder Puff

Many stalls have been put up where you can buy manures, jute items, jewellery, books etc. There is an exhibition of different spices, vegetables, fruits with information regarding export etc, this is organized by Department of Horticulture.