Here’s a snake catcher in Bangalore city…well-documented and written about by Nishant Ratnakar, in his blog.

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Nishant adds,
“He goes by the name ‘Snake Shivappa’. If ever you need someone to
rescue snakes in any corner of the city, then get in touch with him.”

As Nishant records,

His real name: Devaraj K S

His occupation: Snake Rescuer

His mobile no. 99808 55720

Area of operations: Any corner of Bangalore City!

So, if you see a snake, do not kill it, or allow it to be killed; please call Snake Shivappa.

Readers can also refer to snake “do’s and don’ts” by herpetologist P Gowrishankar, that I had shared;

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Here’s Shivappa, snapped by Nishant Ratnakar:

snake shivappa 120811