After Prathima’s account on the Lalbagh Flower Show, here is a virtual tour through the flower show.

Dianthus Species - Sweet Williams

Dianthus is a family of about 300 species of flowers. The flower show displays few species of them like – Sweet Williams, Sweet Williams Dwarf, Wild Pink, Alpine Pink.

There were different varieties of roses and of varied colours – Yellow, Pink, White, Red and mini roses.

Yellow Rose

Rose Bud


Zinnia Hybrid


One of the interesting flower – Flamingo Lily has a leaf at the center and the flower comes out in the center in different shapes.

Anthurium - Flamingo Lily




There were beautiful floral arrangements with the Lotus Temple model in the center. In the evening the model was looking more beautiful with the green, pink and blue light.

Lotus Temple Model studded with flowers

Lalbagh Glass House

Apart from the flowers  there were stalls and nurseries which were selling plants, bonsai, seeds . Other stalls had some handicrafts and decorative items with few other selling food items. In all it would be a good outing for all knowing little more about flowers and enjoying the greenery of the Lalbagh around.