Better late than never…publishing my blog entry here as well…

Want the sure shot recipie to happiness? Approach anything with an open mind and jump into the frey with minimal expectation and everything will work like a charm! This happened to me for the Sarjapur trek which was planned for 24th July 6:30 AM. The devils had to shake me up to wake me that day as i had slept only 5 hours. I had almost made up my mind not to go and something in me at the last moment pushed me out of the warm and cozy bed.

The day was crisp and not cloudy like the previous day and the bike ride of 10 km from my house was nice and breezy with the early morning cool winds cutting through me. The place was Sompura gate which is a km before Sarjapur. I reached dot at 6:30 and there were just 4 to 5 people and Prarthana took us inside her farm house and showed us the place. A nice and plush home inside a beautiful and large farm land with trees and a nice and large backyard with a lot of open space. Within 10 min, few more people joined and we started to walk. I somehow did not have any expectation and was not expecting too many bird sightings. The moment we left the main road and started taking the mud road, the open grounds were teeming with birds. Sunbirds, robins and Silverbills invited us right away shortly followed by the black drongos.

I also got the opportunity to have good sighting of Yellow and Red watlled lapwings. The yellow wattled lapwing, which is supposed to be a rare sighting was there in huge numbers…

I had my first sighting of Black shouldered Kite and Zitting Cisticola as well(Yes, i admit unabashedly that i am a newbie to birds…). The walk was made so much more interesting with the informative discussions on birds that i had with Glen and also Sandra played a perfect host by showing us the right spots and  the right places where we could spot birds.

All in all a very eventfull and satisfying morning. Some pics are attached…

Black Shouldered Kite
Yellow Wattled Lapwing

The other pics can be found at

I could not resist the temptation and revisited the place almost 2 weeks after that with 2 of my enthusiastic birding friends…and lo behold we were yet again rewarded with 2 more beautifull sightings…Common Hoopoe and a Red headed Falcon. happy like a Hoopoe!

Common Hoopoe
Common Hoopoe
Red headed Falcon