Woke up at 5 and decided to head straight towards Ragihalli yet again to catch the early morning birds…After i finished the piping hot coffee, i stepped out into the balcony to see that the morning was quite windy and dark. Felt lazy to drive all this distance and I decided to check out Kaikondrahalli lake instead which is just next to my home. Quite strange that i have never visited this place even though its just so near.(“ghar ki murgi daal baraabar” affect i guess 🙂 )

I was screened and welcomed by two well fed dogs at the enterance of the lake and they seemed ok with my presence. The lake is quite vast and spread out though its not quite evident from the main road. I was quite early and the regular walkers and joggers were yet to hit the track. Surprisingly the early morning was quite devoid of birds and it took some time before the chirps became evident. The back side of the lake has an area which is densely populated with trees and it looks quite serene.

The lake was full of Common Moorhens and the usual black cormorants. Apart from that it had some Common Coot and Spot Billed Duck as well. I found the Spot billed Ducks beak quite interesting.

Common Coot
Spot-Billed Duck

By around 7 AM,  the regulars of the lake streamed in and birds also started making its presence felt. My todays prize catch was a Kingfisher, Purple sun bird and a Great tit. I could get a relatively decent picture of ashy prinia as well.

White breasted Kingfisger
Purple rumped Sunbird
Purple rumped sunbird
Great Tit – Not a great picture but this was the best i could get. It was so restless!
Bushlark or Pipit?
Ashy Prinia

And finally my favourite…The bee eaters…they are most co-operative and allow one and all to take as many pictures…! Never get tired of watching and taking snaps of them.

Green Bee eater
Green Bee eater

All in all an eventful morning. This place has lot of potential and has the potential to become a hot-spot for birds. Due to the rampant construction happening around and some temporary gypsy encroachments, the surroundings are quite dirty. I guess over a period of time it will improve. Lets hope for the best.