Anna Hazare is in the heart of every Indian and even in the people living abroad now. As the time passing, Anna is on his strong will, with firm decision, maintaining the belief and respect in the mind of every supporters that, “hum honge kamiyab”.

Today, being the eight day of this movement, every day, thousands of Bangalorians gather in the freedom park and as a regular routine event, out on a candle march on the both side of the road, in front of Freedom park. This sends a clear message to the government of this country that we are united and not tired at all. We will not go back home until we make an arrangement to send all the corrupt people behind bars and clean the dirt from our nation.

Symbolizing, unity is the power.

Thousands of people with candle lighted in hand to protest against corruption.

All loud voice together, “Bharat mata ki…..jai”

No violence, not even disturbing the traffic, number of people without any gap on both sides of the road.

Full with Indian-ism.