I am tired of people comparing dogs to cats and insulting cats for not being “Faithful”.

Yes. Cats are not faithful. So what? Who said they are? Why should they be? Why to expect? They have individuality and have airs of their own. To like a cat (or for that matter, to like anything), accept the living being as it is.  That’s the intrinsic behavior of a cat. It has a royal lineage and does not believe in faithfully following us. 🙂 Take it or leave it, but don’t look down on it…

Satiated and all curled up!
Her majesty decided to open her eyes and see who is there!


Found this cat outside the food court in Infosys. The chump looks all satiated after a heavy meal. Hope it has not made a meal of the Prinias nesting in the bushes nearby! Ehhhh! (Ajit…accept the cat as it is, it is supposed to make a meal of the birds in its reach 🙂 )