You have a bag full of waste everyday – What do you do with that? One question might arise in the morning when you are waiting it to throw. Can you make this waste useful ?

There are few organization working with the waste. Here is one of them “Daily Dump” !!! They help you compost your waste, recycle it and make it useful.

Do you want to know more about composting and waste movement ? Join them on the Trash Trail organized by Daily Dump.

Daily Dump organizes a tour (day long) in Bengaluru – it is called the Trash Trail. If you have wondered why there is litter on streets, whether anything gets recycled in this city, take this tour that will provoke, inform, engage and discover the urban Bangalorean. The trip reveals how materials (of daily use) flow in the current system, the people who work unseen to keep our city clean and where each of us fit in it all. It leaves us feeling charged to contribute to the change that is happening all over the world – the change to make our immediate world safer, less toxic and more humane.

The next Trash Trail is on September 24th, 2011 (see below poster). For more information please contact them at or at 9916426660.

Trash Trail

Trash Trail