This is something which I have observed not as a part of some specific research or study, but observed this during my daily commute in the city.

I have observed that the bus stands in bangalore (i do not know about other cities) are situated very close to the traffic signals. Now because these stands are very close to the signal there is a good amount of people movement near the signal, people getting out of the bus, waiting for the bus.

Imagine a bus stand before a signal. To pick up passengers typically you will see more than one bus near the stand, and usually they stand behind each other and try to overtake already standing buses from the right. Two buses in parallel in our road and a traffic blockage is guaranteed. And if at this point of time the signal turns green what do you do? Stand behind these buses. If these are private bues they do not mind waiting to get one or two extra passengers even though the signal is green. How many times you have seen policemen at busy signals making sure that buses do not stand when the signal is green.

Similar thing happens when the bus stand is just after the traffic signal. The traffic signal goes green, buses stop near the signal, causing a jam. The signal turns read, while vehicles are still stuck at the intersection, not allowing vehicles from the other side to cross.

Will having these bus stands little further from traffic signal help?  I do not know, because usually the distance between two signals is not much here in Bangalore. But there is a bus stand near IIMB and I have never seen jam becuase of this bus stand as it is not close to the traffic signal, while the one, just before Reliance Mart (if you are coming from Meenakshi Temple towards Reliance Mart) there is always a blockage becuase the bus stand is right next to the traffic signal.

I wonder if anything can be done.