It was a great day for birding. Some birds at action and some new migrant at work.First of all we have started in different direction for a change :). Some birding clips from Bannerghatta Zoo area.

Green Bee eater tossing the prey

Warm welcome to Grey wagtail

Eclipse Plmaged Purple Sunbird

Eclipse Plmaged Purple Sunbird displaying the color

Pied Kingfisher - The best flight maker

Spotted Owlet - Eye to eye

Rufous-tailed Lark

Long-tailed Shrike - After ages

Small blue kingfisher - Small beauty

Black headed Cuckooshrike - Down view

Bay Backed Shrike

Ashy Prinia - though the color looks faded

Golden-fronted Leafbird

Indian Robin - Beautiful Lady

Common Kite fight

Brahminy Kite flight

Scaly Breasted Munia's

White bellied Drongo

Booted Warbler - Acrobatic Move

Lady Gaint Wood Spider

Golden silk orb-weaver - Another variety

Lemon Pansy - Displaying the true color

Red Rumped Swallow - I will name them Wire Bird