I had many times witnessed the classic work done by SRMAB kids in sports and dance. Yesterday, I remembered it again when Ram called me. Ram was one of the progressing students of SRMAB. While talking, he told me that he joined Vijaya college, which is off course one of the best colleges in Bangalore. Somehow felt happy that guys are getting benefited of what we are teaching. It’s almost more than 4 and half year to me. I never got problem in teaching, never got the complain that kids are not able to concentrate in class. And time passes so fast that boy who was a kid at 8th or 9th, is now in PUC final year and thinking perfectly what to do next in life and talks about girlfriends.

Here goes Ram, student of the year with Srinivas Sir, principal and founder, one of the most inspiring person for me.

3-4 weeks back, we decided to have quiz competition at SRMAB. Shardha, who handles lot of work at SRMAB, came with the complain that students are not doing too good in some subject and its good to give a holistic knowledge rather than just focusing on computer. For that purpose, we decided to take a quiz. It was beautiful to see that they go somewhere in the deep and replied to the answers so maturely.

We were organizing the quiz. Why on ground - that's our style. Photo courtesy: Priyanka Varma

More of such events will be definitely be our next step, whereas marking them “good” is important for us. Knowing theory and knowing where it exactly going are too different things and our education system now demand to have a correct balance of both. I want to say more but right now just enjoy the pictures. Probably some dancing competition :).

Roopani and Santosh performing the classic dance which was classic

Just adding the quiz paper for fun :).

Round 1: Here

Final Round: Here