Bangalore is an action packed city. There are lots and lots of interesting activities for everyone residing here. Be it Trekking, Birdwatching, photography, Volunteering , Theater – You name an activity and mostly you would be able to find like-minded people to accompany you or guide you. Here is a compiled list of activities/groups which we are aware of. Readers are free to add if we have missed any groups in the comments section

Action Packed Bangalore

Action Packed Bangalore

1. The Bangalore Freecycle group (freecycleblr) –

The Bangalore Freecycle group is open to all who want to offer any of their stuffs to others rather than throw it away. Whether it’s a chair, a fax machine, piano or an old door, people can offer these stuffs. Or you can acquire things which you might be looking for.

2. Bangalore BarCamp (BCB) –

This group is for participants of BarCamp Bangalore. Barcamp is an unconference (user-generated conferences).

3. Bangalore Bikers Club (BBC) –

Bangalore Bikers Club is  group of bikers – serious bikers, commuters, week-end riders, chai-wai-take-it-easy-bikers and even non-bikers 🙂 . If you are interested in bicycle rides in and around Bangalore city or just want to hang out with the biking community in Bangalore, join the group. Another group related to biking is Go Green Go Cycling (GGI-Blore –

4. Birdwatchers’ Field Club of Bangalore (bngbirds) –

 Birdwatching club of Bangalore . Its a forum for the exchange of information pertaining to the birds and other
wildlife in Bangalore. They also conduct weekly birding events to Lalbagh, Hebbal Lake, Bannerghatta area, Sarjapur.

5. MiXeLs(MiX and eXceL) –

This group is for anybody interested in acting, scripting, play writing, direction, editing, music, or anything else related to theater, films, etc.

6. Whazzup Bangalore (whazzupblore) – you are new to a place or even if you are resident of that place you like to explore the various things over weekends/weekdays. This is a place you can share anything that’s happening in Bangalore that might interest the members – be it plays, photography, workshops, performances, events, etc.

7. Zero Waste Management Bangalore (zwm-blr) –

There are several Zero Waste Management initiatives in Bangalore. This group is to share their experience and different projects taken up under this.

8. Hasiru Usiru –

Hasiru Usiru is a network of individuals and organizations working to protect public spaces, public commons and urban greens in and around Bangalore.

9. Bangalore Tree Planting –

This is an initiative to plant trees in Bangalore. Here keep yourself updated where tree plantation is happening or if you are planning get volunteers and experts to plan which trees will be suitable etc.

10. Volunteer Connect Bangalore (vConnectBlr) –

This is a virtual forum for networking between the various volunteer groups at Bangalore. Requirements for volunteering and Need of volunteers are posted here and the different volunteering activities taking place.

11. Frames Bangalore –

If you are a Amateur, Hobbyist, and Professional Photographer, this is the place to gather, talk, and show your skills. They organize Photowalks and Workshop on weekends. Feel free to be a part of this group and The Photowalks. Also tips for photography is shared. Another group Bangalore Photography Club (!/groups/2988485722/) group is totally dedicated to the discussions and sharing of photos for the photographers of Bangalore.

12. Bangalore’s adoption side – Make a difference and adopt an Indian dog or cat –

This is a group of people who try to find homes for Indian street dogs/cat. If you want to help them join the group. Another group The Voice of Stray Dogs (!/ also work with similar interest.

13. Mobile Monday Bangalore (MoMoB) –

MoMoB is a group (community) of people interested in mobile. Discussion range from technology topics to business related discussion.

14. Bangalore ASCENDers –

Bangalore ASCENDers is a group of trekking buffs and nature lovers. Most of the weekends are busy with trekking, fun outings with special kids, adventure sports, cycling, rock climbing, countryside traveling, wildlife photography and being part of eco-conservation drives and other social initiatives.

15. Caferati – The Writers’ Forum –

Caferati is a network of writers in English. This newsgroup informs members about Caferati read-meets and other writing-related events and opportunities in and around Bangalore.

So check out the list and join the groups you would be interested in. Get yourself involved and have action-packed weekends full of fun, volunteering etc.