It was a fair fog when we have started from home at 5.45 but as we have entered into the Bannerghatta forest area, it gave us a mind blowing view(to not view anything :P). Waiting till 9, misty went down and we were able to do some birding. I will soon add into the PLACE area where exactly we went. Here are some of the pictures and enjoyable moment

Misty had left some interesting drops for us

We were also waiting for Almighty to show the power

In mist, Grey Francolin seek our attention

And so a Jerdon's Bushlark

Paddy Field Pipit - A beauty

Common Hoopoe - Which is uncommon now

Red Vented Bulbul - Red visible

White throated Kingfisher

Rufous Tailed Lark

Pied Wagtail - Walking on pipe

Indian Robin - Female

Common Jezebel

Pied Bushchat - Male

Pea Blue Pairs

Crimson Rose