I remember this year because I get added with many society. From Marriage to School to a new company, people got connected. Birding was one of my busiest job, I did this year, some snaps.

Egyptian vulture - pair. Shot at Nandi Hills. This rare beauty sighted at some places near Bangalore and this is good news.

stork billed kingfisher - Shot at Chandipur, Orissa. This beauty is less but spread across the India Map

Pied kingfisher - Shot at Anekal Lake. Hunting at its best.

black-winged stilt, making a flying structure. Common and a beautiful bird

eurasian eagle owl - One of the biggest owl and the majestic look

True Colors - Indian Roller.

Grey Headed Canary Flycatcher- Shot at Nandi Hills. A small beauty

Common Kestrel with a sharp view on prey

Spotted Owlet - Pair. Always delights with their presence.

Baya Weaver - True Mathematician

golden flame woodpecker - not a great luck of woodpecker view this year

Red Munia - Pair. A true blend of color

Vijay Malliya should be happy. Blue Kingfisher in the early morning view.

River tern - Alway a delight for me.

Honey Buzzard and a questionable neck

Orange Headed Thrush - What a look

Common Hopoee becoming uncommon now

Puff throated Babbler - In the morning shine at Nandi Hills.

Black Headed Munia - A lovely munia, mostly spaced in farm land

brown breasted flycatcher - winter migrant

Asian Paradise Flycatcher - Male

Asian Paradise Flycatcher - Young Adult

There are many more to add but considering the blog size, I have already broken the limit :).