There is an organization called India Sudar who wanted to provide stationary to 84 students from slum in Pondicherry.

Below was the requirement –

Note books  1030 No; @ Rs; 2o/-               =Rs; —20,600/-

Natraj Pencil -140 Nos; @ Rs; 2.40             =Rs; 336/–

Rubber 120 Nos; @ Rs 0.60                         = 72/–

Scale 1 Feet 120 Nos;@ Rs5.50                   = 660/

Grand Total                                                        = Rs; 21,668/-

I managed to get a donor who was willing to give this amount in August while this requirement was for July. Based on this India Sudar went ahead and did the expenditure. But now it turns out that the donor has given the amount to an old age house (which he has genuinely given).
India Sudar needs this fund urgently to make payments towards teacher’s salary.
Here’s the link for the distribution which happened –
Since I promised him the this amount I need your help in arranging for the funds..
It will be great if you can contribute. I have got the Bank Details of India Sudar which I can share once I get a confirmation from you on your contribution.
Please reach out to others as this is a big amount.
They have 80G.