They say – short and sweet. We reached to God’s own country “Kerala” on Saturday morning. Plan was simple. Enjoy the best. Nature, birds, wild and whatsoever we can.

Epic view of Black Eagle when we were on the top of Chembra 3rd Peak, the highest peak of Wayanad, Kerala. The Kestrel hovering and diving at an amazing speed. Elephant family crossing the Bandipur road. Bison having his morning breakfast. Malabar barbet enjoying the fruits. 100’s of Scarlet minivet and many more.

Wayanad, Kerala is 250 km from Bangalore and one of the best enjoying weekend place.

Black Eagle at the top of Chembra Peak

Scarlet Minivet at Edekkal Caves

Brown-capped Woodpecker at Eddekal Caves

Black-lored Tit at Eddekal Caves

Female Scarlet Minivet with Prey at Chembra Peak

Loten’s Sunbird seeking the nectar – Shot in Wayanad

Golden-fronted Leafbird (Chloropsis) – Shot at Wayanad

Asian Drongo-Cuckoo at Eddekal Cave

White rumped Munia at Eddekal Caves

Just before starting, I had posted the question in Facebook where to do birding in Wayanad and then I was half able to explore. One more trip will explore the more beauty of nature and birding in Wayanad. More pictures are yet to come, stay tuned…