Part 1, I have added some of the beautiful birds of Wayanad and now time to show you some more awesomeness of this beautiful place. Since it was my first birding trip to Wayanad, I was searching the places where I can do birding and can watch some wildlife. Filtering all the material from website, I get to know, my target are Kuruva Island, Pakshipathalam, Edakkal caves, and Phookot Lake. And this time I was able to cover only Edakkal caves. Though i got some birds near Banasura Dam as well. But I was not able to find the reason why this Dam has zero water birds.

In the meanwhile, there are some wildlife experience when we were crossing Bandipur National Park. Felt so regret to see that, family of elephant waiting for cars and buses to go. I think we humans should also put break on our vehicle sometime and let these rare animals to cross the road.

The Gaur(Indian Bison) family at Bandipur

barasingha or swamp deer all set for the fight – at Bandipur

And here goes the fight

Deer Family at Bandipur

Sloth bear – Not clearly visible at Bandipur

Indian Elephant – Quite weak in post summers – At Bandipur

Woodswallow – At Bandipur