A wild adventure beckons at Nagarhole National Park

There are places around Bangalore which give all sorts of different experiences. For a wild experience, Nagarhole National Park is one of the best places for one day outing. It is a well known wildlife reserve close to Bangalore. The place derive its name from the winding river which flows through the forest, and hence the name, which literally translates to Snake River.

The reserve was one the private hunting grounds of the rulers of Mysore. Today, it houses several species of animals such as elephants, Indian Bison, tigers, sloth bear, deer etc. The reserve is also rich in varied species of fauna, teak being one of the most widespread. Different local tribes inhabit the region, which includes the Betta Kuruba and the Hakki-Pikki. Interacting with the local tribes of the region is a cultural experience in itself.

Elephants at Nagarhole Wildlife

Places of Interest

Nagarhole National Park

The wildlife reserve is the main attraction of the place. There are wildlife safaris available here, where tourists can come across varied species of animals such as wild boar, sloth bear, Indian bison, bonnet macaque and others. The area is home to a large variety of birds as well, which makes it a haven for bird watchers.

The area has a higher density of tigers than Bandipur National Park. However, night safaris are not allowed here. Jungle safaris in Nagarhole National park can be taken between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm only.

Rameshwar Temple

Located close to Nagarhole, on the banks of River Lakshman Tirtha is Rameshwar Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and attracts a lot of tourists every year.


Kutta is the nearest town to his wildlife reserve. It is home to wide expanses of tea and coffee plantations, as well as those of spices, which date back to the British Era.

How to reach Nagarhole National park

By Air

The nearest airport to this wildlife reserve is that of Mysore. Mysore is connected to a few major destinations of the south. A better option for those travelling by air is Bangalore International Airport, which is located about 230 km from the place. There are regular taxis available from the airport to the National park.

By Train

Mysore is the nearest railway station to the place, about 96 km away from the destination. There are buses as well as taxis available from Mysore station to Coorg. The Bangalore railway station is located more than 200 km from the place, although it is well connected by buses as well as taxis.

By Bus

There are regular Karnataka State Transport Buses available to Nagarhole from most major cities surrounding the place. There are standard buses as well as deluxe buses available.

Local Travel

Only authorized jeeps and drivers are allowed to go inside the jungles. The outer roads of the Nagarhole National Park are open only from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Thus, tourists coming to the place should reach the destination well before 6:00 pm to avoid getting stranded.

Best time to visit

The National Park is closed during the monsoon season as that time of the year is the mating season of the animals. The best time to visit the place depends on the priorities and the experience you are looking for. The summer months are the best for wildlife spotting, since animals flock to River Kabini to quench their thirst. However, if birds and flora are what you are more interested in, the months immediately after monsoon are the best time to visit the place.