For Adventure, head to Savandurga

You may be cursing your luck for picking out a job in Bangalore, where you end up working crazy hours and hardly have a break from work. But if you look at the positive side of things, Bangalore is much better than some of the other metropolitans out there. If you are tired of working and need a break, there are quite a few destinations around Bangalore which are ideal for a day outing or even a weekend getaway. Savandurga is one such destination.

It is actually a large monolith, with a height of more than 1200 meters above sea level, located just 50 km from the city of Bangalore. It has the distinction of being the largest monolith in India and being one of the largest in Asia; and, it is a popular trekking destination as well.


Getting to Savandurga

There are two options you have for reaching Savandurga- you could either drive down to the place yourself; or you could take a bus. The former is an easier option since the latter involves a lot of changing around. Plus, there is also the rigged scenery along the way which you can enjoy better while on a bike.

But if it is a bus you want to hitch to get to Savandurga, you will get one from KR Market. Get a bus from KR Market that goes till Magadi, and then, get down just little distance before Magadi, on the Ramanagram Road. From here, you will have to take a bus to Nayaknapalya, which will drop you just about 5 km from Savandurga. From there, hire an auto and you should be there at Savandruga within 10-15 minutes.

Of course, you could hire a taxi too from Bangalore, but that is a very expensive option.


Put your trekking shoes on

Savandurga is one of the best destinations around Bangalore if you want to have a god time trekking to amazing heights. The monolith is actually made up of two hills- Biligudda and Karigudda. It is Biligudda which is more popular among trekkers, and you can clearly see with directions and trekking trails marked on the rocks.

Biligudda was once a prison fort, anfd it was believed that no one could escape from this place. There are still ruins of a fort at the top of hill, which is said to date back to the 11th century. The top of the hill also has a temple dedicated to Nandi Bull of Lord Shiva. And the view you get from the top of the hill is simply amazing.

The lake which lies some distance away, the unkempt surroundings of the region and the cool breeze which you feel is just amazing. The trek to the top of Biligudda shouldn’t be much trouble if you have basic level of fitness. The trek is marked appropriately and you just have to follow the directions to reach the top.

But if simple things don’t excite you in life, Kairgudda is for you. This is a relatively unexplored trek and much more difficult than Biligudda. This hill has more steep rock faces and there are no clear markings as well which could help you reach the top. Thus, you should be taking this trek only if you are an expert. In fact, you will get the permission from authorities for this trek only if you are an expert.

Don’t miss out on the wildlife

The region surrounding Savandurga is full of different species of shrubs and trees. In fact, the area boasts of as many as 100 different species of Shrubs. The lake closeby and the dense foliage make for an ideal habitat for wildlife. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you could come across animals such as sloth bear and even leopards, which just adds to the thrill.

Some precautions and the best time to visit

For the best of Savandurga, visit during the winter months. The temperature during those months is ideal for trekking here, although it is much tougher to spot wildlife here during those months. While summer months can be great for spotting wildlife in the region, the heat can take a lot out of you.

But whatever time you choose to visit this fascinating destination, miss out on the monsoon months. The rains make the rocks here very slippery, which makes the place very dangerous.

As for precautions, carry a lot of food and water with you while going trekking here. There are hardly any shops here which sell safe drinking water. If you are visiting during summer months, apply a sun screen lotion to avoid sun burn. And if you are visiting during winter months, carry a light jacket with you as the breeze at the top can be quite cool.