Top 10 treks around Bangalore

An essential part of the Deccan Plateau and the IT Hub of India is the city of Bangalore. While most of Bangalore has flat lands and concrete jungles, there are places around Bangalore with rugged terrain and lush jungles. In short, there are places around Bangalore which are just ideal for adventure and a lot of fun.

Trekking is always a fun experience, whether done alone, or with your entire team. The rugged terrain and lush topology of Deccan Plateau mean there are several exciting trekking trails close to Bangalore. If you are looking for a trekking adventure close to Bangalore, there are 10 of the best treks close to the city.

  1. Savandurga- This is one of the few trekking trails close to Bangalore where a night trek is possible. Savandurga, about 65 km from Bangalore, is a huge monolith comprised of two peaks- Karigudda and Billigudda. The former is a more technical peak and largely unexplored. In order to take this trek, you need special permission from the authorities. On the other hand, the latter is easier and well marked out. If you are a beginner, stick to Billigudda. It offers an adventurous experience whilst keeping it relatively safe and simple.
  2. Nandi Hills- A small hill station located close to the city is Nandi Hills. The verdant greenery of the place will immediately mesmerize you with its beauty. While the place stands out for its tranquility and calm, it is also a well known destination for trekking. There are quite a few trekking trails in Nandi Hills to choose from, each moderately tough in difficult level. Most of the trekking trails are blessed with lush flora which is a nice change from the high rises and concrete of the city.
  3. Jogigunde- Another little hamlet situated very close to Bangalore is Agumbe. It was in Agumbe that the famed tele-series Malgudi Days was shot. One of the highlights of Agumbe is the Jogigunde Falls. You can take a trek to these stunning waterfalls and be rewarded with a gorgeous view. The trek to the falls is a little tough, since it is a very narrow path of about 1 km that you have to tread. However, if you remain attentive enough, you should be able to traverse it without any difficulty. Just to be on the safer side, avoid this trek during the monsoon season when the trail can become wet and slippery.
  4. Vanakebe Falls- It is not just Jogigunde which is the highlight of Agumbe. There is Vanakebe Falls too, situated 0.5 km from the village’s bus station. Like Jogigunde, Vanakebe Falls are stunning too, and offer you an amazing view. The trek to the falls takes about an hour or so. Compared to Jogigunde, Vanakebe Falls trek is relatively simpler. However, it is always advisable to avoid trekking here during the rainy season. For one, the lush foliage can be breeding ground for leeches during the rainy months.
  5. Skandagiri- If you are looking for a really quick and easy trek close to the city, consider the Skandagiri Peak. It is located merely 60 km from the city. The trek to the top of the peak and back can be done in less than four hours, which makes it an ideal one day outing near Bangalore. Skandagiri Peak has a ruined fort and the ruins of a temple as well. Historical evidence suggests that the fort once belonged to Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore. The fort is in shambles and so is the temple close by, but the gorgeous views you get from the top more than make up for it.
  6. Kodachadri- With a height of a little more than 3000 feet above sea level, Kodachadri peaks is one of the highest peaks of the region. It is believed that Kodachadri Summit was once the meditating ground for Guru Shankracharya. The trek to the top of the peak is relatively easy. There are a few waterfalls along the way which just add to the beauty of this trekking trail. The trek to the top and back can easily take around 6 hours, which makes it a slightly exhausting experience. However, camp for a while at the top and you will be replenished with loads of energy.
  7. Anthargange- Sometimes, a quick burst of energy is all you need to find your focus and motivation. For that quick burst, head to Anthargange, about an hour’s drive from Bangalore. It is a really short trekking trail, which can be done in less than an hour. However, the trail is a little rugged, which makes it strenuous and energy expending. Apart from trekking, there is cave exploration and rock climbing to be done here too. Anthargange makes for a nice destination for team outings as well as individual adventure tours.
  8. Ranganatha Swamy Betta- In India, often, trekking trails and pilgrimage go hand in hand. Ranganatha Swamy Betta is another example of that. The peak has a temple dedicated to a God by the same name. It is frequented by thousands of devotees round the year. Of course, you have to trek to the top, which makes it a nice trekking destination close to Bangalore. The 4 km trek isn’t really difficult, but still exciting enough.
  9. Ramdevara Betta- There is nothing like rock climbing and rappelling to give those muscles a nice workout. One of the best destinations close to Bangalore for rock climbing and rappelling is Ramnagar. It is a small village with plenty of natural granite rock formations. For the best adventure experience in Ramnagar, try the trek to the top of Ramdevara Betta. It is a high enough hill which offers quite a challenge. If you are really in a mood to push it, trek to the top and then rappel down the hill.
  10. Karighatta Trek- Karighatta is a nice trekking trail located in Mekedattu, a one day getaway from Bangalore. The trail is located a little more than 100 km from Bangalore. The trek is of moderate difficulty level, which means it tests you without really exhausting you. Try this trek, and if you are in the mood for some more adventure, try kayaking in River Kaveri too. Mekedattu is a nice destination for a quick adventure getaway close to Bangalore.