Arbind Gupta, and several others, including Amitabha Saha Roy have recently (four months ago) formed the Arikere Neighbourhood Improvement Trust, to rejuvenate and maintain Arikere Lake, which is near extinction right now.

They have had some awareness campaigns, and decided that Amitabha, a wildlife photographer and keen naturalist, would hold a photography workshop at Classic Orchards, Bannerghatta Road, to raise funds for the Trust.

There were 18 people who attended the workshop, from all over Bangalore. Amitabha explained the basics of the camera and photography over the period of one day. The feedback was very positive.

Arikere Trust photo wksp class orch 071012

ANiT now plans awareness campaigns in November, with inputs from Maaruthi Magnolia and BGS NPS (National Public School). The school children will have presentations for them, a painting competition, and everyone will form a human chain around the lake.

The Trust was formed after a DPR (Detailed Project Report) was considered.

For further information about how you can support the cause of Arikere Lake, please contact Amitabha Saha Roy a

81054 55200

or you can email him at