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Want to be a Nomad

I had always wanted to get a closer look at the Jezebel butterfly.I was fascinated by the patterns on its wings.One of my friends gave me a pair of jezebel caterpillars to rear. I felt that I had struck a pot of gold.

These caterpillars are found in batches on Loranthus a parasitic plant which grows on woody trees.These caterpillars are voracious eaters . Though I had got a lot of leaves and stored them in the fridge I was running out of stock.Then I desperately started looking out for loranthus plants in my neighborhood. I finally found them in Cubbon Park.So relieved I was when I saw this plant as the caterpillars are very specific , they eat only leaves of the larval host plant. Had I not found these leaves the caterpillars would have been dead.

A cool closeup of the jezebel caterpillar

After a few days this caterpillar…

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