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Want to be a Nomad

Wing patterns in butterflies have always amazed me.I consider myself really lucky to have  friends who share my interest in rearing butterflies.Rearing butterflies has given me an opportunity to observe them from close quarters. Butterflies are excellent indicators of biodiversity and ecosystem health. They react to problems in the environment such as habitat loss or degradation, pollution, invasive species, and climate change much more rapidly than longer-lived organisms, and therefore provide a sort of early warning system.

 I would like to share my fascinating experience of rearing a Common Baron (Euthalia aconthea )

Baron caterpillars evolved their elaborate shapes and colors for that single purpose: hiding from predators. Native to India and Southeast Asia, barons often feed on the leaves of mango trees.

This caterpillar was found on an Anacardium occidentale leaf.

My neighbor found a similar caterpillar and gave it to me as she knew about my interest in rearing butterflies.We…

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