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Want to be a Nomad

Cadaba is a lovely shrub  which attracts a host of butterflies like small orange tip,white orange tip and crimson tip. We found this plant with beautiful flowers in Valley school and Jalahalli . For Butterfly watchers this plant is held with high degree of  reverence . We noticed that this plant is present only in the outskirts of the city so picked up a few seeds from the plant. I have planted some seeds in my garden , hopefully this shrub will sprout someday  will attract butterflies and keep mosquitoes away.

But to our dismay this plant has been declared as critically endangered by the IUCN. If we lose this species we will be losing the butterflies dependent on this plant. We can conserve this species by planting this in our neighborhoods .

Cadaba fruiticosa is a Larval host plant for Crimson tip. If we do not conserve this plant we will…

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