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My office is a good place to see praying mantises, grasshoppers, dragonflies , frogs , butterflies etc. I work from home most of the time . I spend sometime in the  small garden in  front of the office each time I go there. I was in a meeting with the manager when I observed this wasp moving in and out of the door frame.

To my surprise it was building a nest  which had  quite a few caterpillars inside . These caterpillars are paralyzed and a single egg is laid on it. Once the larva of the wasp comes out it feeds on these caterpillars and grows into an adult and then comes out of the nest.

I could not go very close to the wasp as they are aggressive and their sting is supposed to be painful

The wasp leaving the slot to get more clay.It was indeed a delight to watch…

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