Location – Shots were taken near Bannerghatta zoo area and Kagalipura (please see the place section to get the exact location).
Timing – Time of birding was 12 noon.
Mood – Mood was happy and optimistic.
Items used – Canon 550D and 400 mm lens. A scooty to move and 1/2 liter of water.

Black Eagle

The Black Eagle is a large raptor at about 70–80 cm in length. Adults have all-black plumage, with a yellow bill base (cere) and feet. Due to this eagle’s ability to remain aloft for long periods with minimal effort, the Lepcha people of India’s Darjeeling District described it as a bird that never sat down. Thought today we witnessed this sitting for appox 30 seconds.

Black Eagle – More close view

Side view – Black Eagle

White throated kingfisher

Bonelli eagle

Common Kestrel

One of my most fav. – Kestrel is one of the those small prey birds, who do hovering for kill. Hovering takes more energy but gives a precision of 1 out of 3 attack, whereas normal attack give 1 out of 7-8 attacks. A tired Kestrel can be found on pole or tree and a direct attack from there rather than hovered attack.

Common Kestrel – Side view

Blue Rock Thrush – Female

Stunned by seeing this guy in Bannerghatta zoo area. Very easy to identify from far because of its fast head movement. I have seen Male less active, may be most of the work is delegated to female.

Small Green Bee Eater

A beauty to watch always.

Shikra attacking Rock Pigeon

Small Minivet Female